One-off furniture

In 2011 I frequented the milanese atelier of the contemporary artist Nino Mustica.  Besides his 45 year long career in traditional painting, Mustica is one of the first artists known for experimenting with digital modelling as a form of art since 1994.  Working here strengthened my digital sculpting skills and gave me the opportunity to be involved in digital manufacturing for limited edition pieces, such as Sparkle featured here which was presented at the Triennale di Milano in 2011.

The meticulous technique of digital folding is used like a tangram to section off complex surfaces and reassemble them in multi-faceted areas. In this way, steel seats look like unreal forms, seemingly impossible due to their structural engineering and the inconsistency of their thickness. However, when used, they are actually quite comfortable.




  • Atelier Nino Mustica


  • 2011